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#5 Get Help Quick

This last tip may be the most important one of all. Do not delay! When you are in danger of falling behind on your mortgage, time is not on your side. You need to get started on a solution right away.

We cannot emphasize this enough. In many cases that we’ve seen, the one thing that derails most homeowners’ efforts to avoid foreclosure is waiting too late to get started working with their lender on a solution.

So, start with your lender. Make that call, get it on record that you have reached out for help. Most lender will have options for their customers in distress.

Then get a licensed and certified distressed property expert on your side to help you navigate  to the best solution for you. Because working with the various departments and personnel in a large lending organization can prove very challenging without someone by your side who knows the ropes.

Ready to get started. We cab help you make those first steps. Contact us today.


Elva Branson-Lee, Georgia real estate specialist, Certified Distressed Property Expert

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